Databáze uměleckých výstav v českých zemích 1820 – 1950

The overview of currently accesssible entries of the database is listed in chronological order by decennia on the title page. New entries are supplied continuously.

After opening an individual entry you will find materials and documents available for the individual exhibition in a given structure. The entry always contains a commentary including references to further reading and offers scanned available materials, especially the catalogue and the reviews functionning (when possible) as full text documents. While the section "Reviews in the press" presents an exhausting list of reviews, the section "Brief notes about the exhibition" offers only a selection. In case any of the complementery materials are omitted from the structure of the entry (poster, invitation card, full text documents of reviews, views of the exhibition), they were not found. Square brackets containing a name, a location etc. signify an assumption. Non-active items in the exhibition entry (e.g. anonymous authors, exhibition committees) are not listed on the reference lists as they are general denominations and vary from one exhibition to another. If a reference to documents available on websites of other institutions is included, it has to be copied into a new window of the web browser for accessing. Some of the documents may remain locked for non signed-up users due to the authors´ law prescriptions and can be viewed only from the library of the Institute of Art History.

As a search tool you can use the topics listed at the bottom of the main page. They make search across specific registers (by authors, places, etc.) available. The full-text search including the commentary texts is under construction and will be available upon finalization. We ask all users for patience – the database is being continuously updated and improved!

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