Databáze uměleckých výstav v českých zemích 1820 – 1950

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1880 Josef Mánes Exhibition
1898 The First Exhibition of SVU Mánes (Mánes Fine Arts Association)
1903 Exhibition of Josef Mánes (8th exhibition of SVU Mánes)
1907 French Impressionists
1908 Anniversary Exhibition of Krasoumná jednota (Fine Arts Association)
1910 Deutschböhmischer Künstlerbund
1910 Les Indépendants
1910 Miloš Jiránek Retrospective
1911 The 35th Members Exhibition of the Mánes Association
1912 The Second Exhibition of the Sursum Art Association
1912 The Second Exhibition of the Skupina výtvarných umělců (Fine Arts Group)
1912 The First Exhibition of the Skupina výtvarných umělců (Fine Arts Group)
1913 The Third Exhibition of the Skupina výtvarných umělců (Fine Arts Group)
1914 The Fourth Exhibition of the Skupina výtvarných umělců (Fine Arts Group)
1914 Modern Art
1918 And Yet! An Exhibition of Tvrdošíjní (The Obstinate)
1920 Anniversary Exhibitions of Josef Mánes

1920 Posthumous Exhibition of Bohumil Kubišta
1920 Exhibition of Battlefield Images
1921 First Exhibition of Kruh výtvarných umělkyň (Circle of Women Artists)
1922 Pablo Picasso: Works from 1906–1921
1925 The First Exhibition of the Association of South Bohemian Artists
1926 Boris D. Grigoriev (107th Exhibition of the Mánes Fine Arts Association)
1926 Posthumous Exhibition of Jan Štursa
1926 Exhibition of The “Scholle” Association of German Artists in Moravia and Silesia
1928 Alphonse Mucha: The Slav Epic
1928 The Junge Kunst Group
1929 Exhibition of the Prager Secession
1930 Antonín Pelc
1930 Exhibition of Jewish Artists of the 19th and 20th Centuries
1932 Emil Filla’s Golden Jubilee Exhibition
1932 Contemporary Architecture in the USSR
1933 František Tkadlík
1934 International Exhibition of Caricature and Humor

1934 Exhibition of Moravian-Silesian Artists
1934 Zdeněk Rykr, Away!
1935 Emil Filla – African and Oceanic Sculpture from the Collection of Joe Hloucha
1935 Modern French Sculpture
1935 Retrospective Exhibition of Russian Painting in the 18th – 20th Centuries
1936 Exhibition of Classical and Modern Japanese Paintings
1936 Zdeněk Pešánek
1937 Today’s Mánes
1937 Retrospective of Georg Kars
1938 Figures of Czech History
1940 Exhibition of Jan Bauch
1946 Josef Istler
1946 Josef Lada
1947 Paintings by National Artists of the USSR
1949 The Czechoslovak People and Their Homeland in Life, Work, and Struggle

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